Shipping Info

Get That Skate is located on the Central Coast, North of Sydney Australia.
Our shipping prices vary on the number and type of item(s) you are purchasing.

One shirt: 

Tough bag = $5

500g Satchel with tracking = $10

2-3 shirts / Hoodie / Hoodie +shirt:

1kg Satchel with tracking = $13

Hoodie + 2-3 shirts / 4-6 shirts:
3kg Satchel with tracking = $17

Hoodie + 4 shirts / 2-3 hoodies / 6 or more shirts:
5kg Satchel with tracking = $20


Unfortunately being a small, skater owned, Australian business, overseas shipping prices can be expensive. Your ship rates vary per destination. Add an item to the cart and checkout. Depending on the weight of your order, the system determines the ship cost.

If you are ordering from overseas, it is best to create a joint order with your friends/skate crew for it to be shipped together - saving each individual on shipping costs.

Rates for overseas shipping start at roughly $25AUD

If you're a skate shop that isn't based in Australia and you would like to stock Get That Skate, contact us.